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gly·co·gen syn·thase, glycogen starch synthase a glucosyltransferase catalyzing the incorporation of d-glucose from UDP-d-glucose into 1,4-α-d-glucosyl chains. A deficiency of the liver enzyme may lead to a type of hypoglycemia. glycogen a polysaccharide, the chief carbohydrate storage material in animals. It is formed and stored in the liver and .

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glucosyl transferase function,

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The novel, post-ER QC checkpoint relies on the multifunctional, cytosolic AAA ATPase p97 13 and UDP-glucose:glycoprotein glucosyl transferase (UGGT1), a luminal ER-resident enzyme responsible for the re-glucosylation of N-linked sugars, a process determining glycopolypeptides retention in …

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The third and final gene in the O-antigen modification operon encodes the serotype-specific glucosyl transferase (Gtr). These proteins range in size from 416 to 506 amino acids. When the amino acid sequences of the Gtr proteins are compared, there is little homology.

glucosyl transferase function,

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Abstract. The ecdysteroid UDP-glucosyltransferase (egt) gene of a single enveloped nucleopolyhedrovirus was located using an Hz-SNPV gene-specific probe.This SNPV was found infecting a colony of Helicoverpa armigera (HaSNPV) in the Western Cape region of South Africa. The open reading frame of the HaSNPV-SA egt is 1.548 nucleotides long and encodes a predicted protein of …

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The GnT-4a glycosyltransferase is encoded by the MGAT4A gene in mammals and produces an N-glycan linkage that is essential for pancreatic beta cell function in healthy humans and mice. Expression of MGAT4A in beta cells has been recently found to require A2 and HNF1A transcription factors.

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Chemical composition and functions of saliva. . no. 2 Dennis E. Lopatin, Ph .D. Chronology of defining salivary components and functions n Beginning in 1950's whole saliva evaluated (antimicrobial properties, role in microbial attachment, . and microbial products such as glucans and glucosyl-transferase n Pellicle acts as a diffusion .

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The GT catalytic efficiency expressed as V max /K m showed a clear trend when expressed as a function of the chain length (Fig. 3B); no significant variation was observed from GCI2-(1–53) to GCI2-(1–58), but a sharp decrease appeared from this species to GCI2-(1–64). Note the higher catalytic efficiency detected with GCI2-(1–63)V63S and GCI2-(1–64)V63S as substrates when compared with the …

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Glycosyltransferase function in core 2-type protein O glycosylation. Mechanism of action of Rhodiola, salidroside, tyrosol and triandrin in isolated neuroglial cells: an interactive pathway analysis of the downstream effects using RNA microarray data

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Glycosyltransferase. Glycosyltransferases are the key players in the construction of the vast majority of oligosaccharide structures in nature, yet by comparison with what is known of glycosidases, our mechanistic understanding of the glycosyltransferases is relatively limited.

glucosyl transferase function,

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Mitochondria are essential organelles with numerous functions in cellular metabolism and homeostasis. Most of the >1,000 different mitochondrial proteins are synthesized as precursors in the cytosol and are imported into mitochondria by five transport .

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Function. The reaction catalyzed by the UGT enzyme involves the addition of a glucuronic acid moiety to xenobiotics and is the most important pathway for the human body's elimination of the most frequently prescribed drugs. It is also the major pathway for foreign chemical (dietary, environmental, pharmaceutical) removal for most drugs,.

glucosyl transferase function,

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Some glycosyltransferase inhibitors are of use as drugs or antibiotics. Moenomycin is used in animal feed as a growth promoter. Caspofungin has been developed from the echinocandins and is in use as an antifungal agent. Ethambutol is an inhibitor of mycobacterial arabinotransferases and is used for the treatment of tuberculosis.

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The acyl donor used by AsSCPL1 is N-methyl anthranilate glucoside, which is generated by the methyl transferase AsMT1 and the glucosyl transferase AsUGT74H5 (SAD10; Mugford et al., 2009, . To further investigate the function of AsUGT99D1, we performed acid hydrolysis of purified avenacin A-1 to remove the C-3 trisaccharide.

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glucose:glycoprotein glucosyl transferase (UGGT1), a luminal ER-resident enzyme responsible for the re-glucosylation of N-linked sugars, a process determining glycopolypeptides retention in the calnexin cycle14. Consistently, pharmacological inhibition of p97 …

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Polycomb group proteins are conserved transcriptional repressors that control animal and plant development. Here, we found that the Drosophila Polycomb group gene super combs ( sxc ) encodes Ogt, the highly conserved glycosyltransferase that catalyzes the addition of N -acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) to proteins in animals and plants. Genome-wide profiling in Drosophila revealed that GlcNAc .

glucosyl transferase function,

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Uridine 5'-diphospho-glucuronosyltransferase (UDP-glucuronosyltransferase, UGT) is a cytosolic glycosyltransferase (EC that catalyzes the transfer of the glucuronic acid component of UDP-glucuronic acid to a small hydrophobic molecule. This is a glucuronidation reaction.

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Recently, three putative glycosyl transferase genes from R. leguminosarum (pssC, -D, and -E) were isolated and sequenced (35). The deduced amino acid sequence of PssD was found to be similar to that of the amino-terminal half of SpsK, while PssE was similar to the carboxyl half of SpsK.

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Description. A large family of membrane-bound microsomal enzymes which catalyze the transfer of glucuronic acid to a wide variety of exogenous and endogenous lipophilic substrates. These enzymes are of major importance in the detoxification and subsequent elimination of xenobiotics such as …


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The human UDP glycosyltransferase (UGT) superfamily comprises four families of enzymes that catalyze the addition of sugar residues to small lipophilic chemicals. The UGT1 and UGT2 enzymes use UDP-glucuronic acid, and UGT3 enzymes use UDP- N -acetylglucosamine, UDP-glucose, and UDP-xylose to conjugate xenobiotics, including drugs and endobiotics such as metabolic byproducts, hormones, and .

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We report a draft sequence for the genome of the domesticated silkworm ( Bombyx mori ), covering 90.9% of all known silkworm genes. Our estimated gene count is 18,510, which exceeds the 13,379 genes reported for Drosophila melanogaster . Comparative analyses to fruitfly, mosquito, spider, and butterfly reveal both similarities and differences in gene content.

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Cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase (CGTase; EC is an enzyme which converts starch into cyclodextrins (CDs). Cyclodextrins are closed-ring structures in which six or more glucose units are .

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Glycosyltransferases: Structures, Functions, and Mechanisms. Annual Review of Biochemistry Vol. 77:521-555 (Volume publication date July 2008) First published online as a Review in Advance on April 14, 2008 . This site requires the use of cookies to function. It also uses cookies for the purposes of performance measurement.

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Glycosyltransferase is a superfamily of enzymes; each family, such as the galactosyltransferase family, consists of subfamily members that create the same linkage with the same sugar donor but transfer to different sugar acceptors.

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In the plants Crocus sativus and Gardenia jasminoides this enzyme esterifies a free carboxyl group of crocetin and some crocetin glycosyl esters. The enzyme from Gardenia can also form glucosyl esters with 4-coumarate, caffeate and ferulate .


It is prepared by the action of a Leuconostoc mesenteroides glucosyl transferase onsucrose . read more About ALPHA GLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE : Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide is a glucose oligomer exhibiting a degree of polymerizationranging from 2 to 10.

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In enzymology, a DNA beta-glucosyltransferase is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction in which a beta-D-glucosyl residue is transferred from UDP-glucose to an hydroxymethylcytosine residue in DNA. It is analogous to the enzyme DNA alpha-glucosyltransferase.

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Ecdysteroid UDP-glucosyltransferase catalyses the transfer of glucose from UDP-glucose to ecdysteroids [PMID: 2505387]. O'Reilly DR, Miller LK. A baculovirus blocks insect molting by producing ecdysteroid UDP-glucosyl transferase.